Property Taxes Too High???


Challenging your property taxes is easier than you think. With an appraisal, you will have an expert’s opinion to get your property re-assessed.

Many homeowners are finding themselves with property values higher than what their homes are worth and paying taxes on that higher value. The property values in South Florida has been one of the hardest hit markets in the country.

With a rise in foreclosures and a decrease in sales, home values are in trouble. With many real estate markets changing rapidly, it pays to find out if your home is over assessed.

Your local tax assessor probably doesn't have the full picture when setting a property tax bill. For example, if your property has damage or is in poor condition, this can greatly affect the value of your property. Furthermore, foreclosures, duress sales and highly motivated sellers have directly affected the sales of properties in all neighborhoods. 

Investors and second home owners unfortunately do not get the opportunity to take advantage of “Homestead Exemption”. These properties have the highest increases and can be most affected by high tax bills.

So don’t pay your tax bill without knowing its right. Call for more details.

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